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Career Paths-Recent Graduates

Year Past Fellows Current Position Location
2016 Tim Campbell Assistant Professor UCSF
2016 Xiaosong Zhang Industry Genentech
2016 Neelima Vidula Academics
2016 Anjlee Mahajan Instructor UC Davis
2015 Adam Siegel Private practice Milwaukee, WI
2015 Katy Tsai Assistant Professor UCSF
2015 John Gordan Assistant Professor UCSF
2015 Chia-Ching (Jackie) Wang Assistant Professor UCSF
2015 Akshay Sudhindra Assistant Professor Mt.Sinai (NY, NY)
2014 Mike Burgess Industry (Director, Translational Development) Celgene, Inc. San Francisco, CA
2014 Gabe Mannis Assistant Professor UCSF
2014 Michelle Ashworth Private practice Austin, TX
2014 Dan Sherbenou Assistant Professor University of CO, Denver
2014 Ross Okimoto Non-ACGME fellow UCSF
2014 Aparna Parikh Industry (Medical Director, GI Oncology) Genentech, Foster City, CA
2013 Neel Gupta Assistant Professor Stanford
2013 Pelin Cinar Assistant Professor Stanford
2013 Michael Lee Private practice (Kaiser) San Francisco, CA
2013 Rahul Aggarwal Assistant Professor UCSF
2013 Vicki Wang Non-ACGME fellow UCSF
2013 Scott Paulson Private practice Dallas, TX
2013 Andrew Beardsley Postdoctoral fellow UCSF
2012 Jiali LI Private practice
2012 David Y. Lou Private practice (Kaiser) Anaheim, CA
2012 Michael Pourdehnad Industry (Director, Translational Development) Celgene, Inc., San Francisco, CA
2012 Thach-Giao Truong Private practice (Kaiser) Vallejo, CA
2012 Sara Keck Private practice Santa Rosa/Novato, CA
2011 Amy Moore (Cripps) Industry/Biotech  NexGen Oncology, Dallas, TX
Private practice
2011 Jagan Muppidi Assistant Professor UCSF
2011 Katherine Van Loon Assistant Professor* UCSF
2011 Eric Dean Private practice Santa Rosa, CA
2011 Adam Giermasz Assistant professor UC Davis
2011 Matt Wieduwilt Assistant professor UCSD
Collin Blakely Adjunct Instructor UCSF
2011 Andrew Hseih Assistant Professor* University of WA/Fred Hutch
2011 Anne Espinoza Faculty VAMC, Martinez, CA
2010 Alain Algazi Assistant Professor UCSF
2010 Terry Friedlander Assistant Professor UCSF
2010 Ed Cha Industry (Associated Medical Director) Genentech, Inc. South SF, CA
2010 Chloe Atreya Assistant Professor* UCSF
2010 Gerald Hsu Assistant Professor UCSF
2010 Shreya Shah Private practice (Kaiser) South San Francisco, CA
2009 Jo Chien Assistant Professor* UCSF
2009 Navneet Dhillon Private Practice Georgia
2009 Katy Kelley Associate Professor UCSF
2009 Huy Nguyen Private practice (Kaiser) Honolulu, HI
2009 Cathy Smith Associate Professor UCSF
2007 Jennifer Schutzman Industry (Assistant Medical Director) Genentech, South San Francisco, CA
2009 Sunny Wang Associate Professor, Site Director VAMC UCSF
2009 Eric Collisson Assistant Professor UCSF
2008 Andrea Harzstark Private Practice (Kaiser) Oakland, CA
2008 Galia Levy Industry Portola Pharmaceuticals, South San Francisco, CA
2008 Amy Lin Associate Professor UCSF
2008 Ray Liu Private practice (Kaiser) San Francisco, CA
2007 Jason Lukas Private practice Seattle, WA
2007 Qing Li Assistant Professor University of Michigan
2007 Caroline Behler Private practice San Francisco, CA
2007 Matthew Sorensen Private practice Fort Collins, CO
2007 Rosendo So-Rosillo Private practice (Kaiser) Redwood City, CA
2007 Derrick Wong Private practice Mountain View, CA
2006 Yifah Yaron Industry, Senior Medical Director Exelixis, South San Francisco, CA
2006 Harvey Hamrick Private practice (Kaiser) Atlanta, GA
2006 Martha Chung (Sang Man) Private practice Campbell, CA
2006 Supriya Rajpal Private practice (Kaiser) South San Francisco, CA
2006 J Samuel Tolman Private practice Seattle, WA
2006 Anand Dhruva Associate Professor UCSF
2006 Jonathan Benjamin Industry (Clinical Research Director) Amgen, Los Altos, CA
2005 Vinona Bhatia Oncology medical leader Genentech/Roche, CA
2005 Ajai Chari Associate Professor Columbia
2005 Amir Goldkorn Associate Professor Keck SOM, USC
2005 Amy Lin Associate Professor UCSF
2004 Jonathan Wisenant Assistant Professor University of Utah
2004 Vu Nguyen Assistant Professor University of CO
2004 Dan Masylar Senior Medical Director Genentech, CA
2004 Jorge Garcia Associate Professor Cleveland Clinic
2004 Judy Cheng Associate Professor UCSF
2004 Jill Allen Instructor Mass General Hospital
2003 Bert O.Neil Professor of Medicine Indiana University
2003 Josina Reddy Staff Genentech; CA
2003 Jonathan Rosenberg Professor MSKCC
2003 Michelle Melisko Associate Professor UCSF
2003 Andrei Goga Associate Professor UCSF
2003 Thomas Chen Private practice San Jose, CA
2003 James Burke Private practice Billings, MT
2002 Neal Fishback Private practice Fairfield, CT
2001 Scott Solomon Private practice Atlanta, GA
2001 Chris Haqq Chief Medial Officer Atara Biotherapeutics
2001 Amy Gates Private practice Fairfield, CT
2000 Katherine A. Harris Private practice Allentown, PA
2000 Uzair Chaudhary Assistant Professor UCSF Fresno
2000 Steve R Olsen Unknown unknown

Current Fellows

Fellow Mentor(s) Research Interests
Gregory Allen TBD
Debajyoti Datta TBD
Timothy Ferng TBD
Wesley Kidder TBD
Derek Galligan TBD
Amar Patel TBD
Julia Rotow TBD
Archana Anatharaman Eric Small, MD, Terry Friedlander, MD Genomics/prostate cancer
Mallika Dhawan Chuck Ryan, MD, Pamela Munster, MD Novel therapeutics for CRPC
James Lee Jeff Bluestone, PhD Immunotherapy for solid tumors
Reena Mahajan TBD TBD
David Oh Larry Fong, MD Immunotherapy for solid tumors
Carling Ursem TBD Geriatric Oncology
Melisa Wong Louise Walter, MD/Matt Gubens MD Lung cancer outcomes research/Geriatric oncology
Anjlee Mahajan Adam Giermasz, MD, PhD Outcomes research in benign hematology
Rachel Pearline Alan Venook, MD Outcomes in mCRC
Neelima Vidula Hope Rugo, MD Clinical research in breast cancer
Susan Zhang Andrei Goga, MD, PhD/Alan Venook MD Targeted therapy in GI oncology
Melanie Majure Hope Rugo, MD Decision making in breast cancer

Current Non-ACGME Fellows

Fellow Mentors Research Interests
Ross Okimoto Trever Bivona, MD Resistance to targeted therapy in lung cancer
Vicki Wang Frank McCormick, PhD MET pathway in cancer
Xiao Wei Larry Fong, MD, Chuck Ryan, MD Immunotherapy for prostate cancer
Tim Campbell Emmanuelle Passeque, PhD Bone marrow microenvironment and leukemia/MDS
Katy Tsai Adil Daud, MD Melanoma
Julia Carnevale Alan Ashworth, PhD DNA-damage repair in pancreatic cancer